Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Do You Really Need Paint Protection Film And Xpel Clear Bra?

I would say that most of my clients have asked the same question- is it good to use the paint protection film or a clear bra over the car? Every year, thousand of car owner bring their old or new car to have the protection film over the surface of the vehicle externally in order to protect it from various weather conditions as well to maintain the exterior color. 

There are various benefits of using the car protection film. If you want to maintain the luster and looks of your dream vehicle for a longer time, then it is better that you choose the clear bra paint protection film.

1.    Ensures Protection to Car

When you are using the xpel clear bra for your car, you are ensuring higher protection. It is the main reason why you will use the PPF or the protection film. It is not only the one reason. If you are looking for ways to protect the front bumper from the bug splatter or if you want to protect the car from the front end debris, then it is better to wrap the car. 

Nothing can beat over the protection that is offered by the protection film. A good quality sealant coating can reduce the etching of the car paint, but it cannot protect the car from the scratches made by the rocks. Here, the protection film makes the difference. If you are looking for an affordable way to protect your car, go for the PFF. 

2.    Be Proud Of the Looks

When you are using the protection film, you are enhancing the look of a car. Whether you are looking for a shiny surface or a matte surface, the protection film makes your car looks great. There is always a difference between the panels that has the protection film with the one that does not have the PPF. If you are using the white or grey cover, you cannot distinguish properly whether the car has the film or not.

3.    Durability Of the Car

When you are using the Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra, the external paint of the car remains exact. The PFF is best when you want to preserve the color and paint of the vehicle. The paint of the car may get damaged due to scratches or stones. The paint can also be affected by harsh weather conditions and extreme sunlight. Thus,  with the help of clear bra paint protection film, you can maintain the durability of paint.

4.    Available In Various Color Options

The car protection films are available in various colors, thus help in making customization decals or films for the car. If you want to make your vehicle vibrant, you can use the red film, if you want a matte look, you can use the grey or white finish films. 

These are some of the reasons why most of the people use clear bra paint protection film in the car. I hope it will help you in making a decision about film!