Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How To Protect Your Car From Stone Chips With Xpel Clear Bra

There are three things that are certain in life – death, taxes and getting a dent on your car. Even being hugely careful, you might find it really difficult to keep your car in perfect condition. Some people might feel that keeping a car is a huge liability as you need to constantly keep it sparkle and shine, which is quite easy if you have the necessary tools with you.

Most people either go for a paint job or become satisfied with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film. Known under the brand name Clear Bra the PPF is coated on the painted surface of vehicles to secure the paint from stone chips, small abrasions, and bug splatters. This is created from a thermoplastic urethane film and has a vast amount of additional usages besides cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, cell phones, electronics, airplanes, RVS, etc.

Is Xpel Clear Bra Really Good?

One of the commonest and most famous Clear Bra is the Xpel Clear Bra and virtually supports all kinds of cars. Even though Clear Bra are installed on various kinds of components of trucks and cars which directly come out of the factories, still when it comes to Clear Bra paint protection film like the Xpel Clear Bra, this is often installed by certified and experienced professionals because of the extensive challenges present in the installation process.

The major function of a Clear Bra like Xpel Clear Bra is to secure the vehicle from potential damages and elements from road debris such as paint scuffs, rock chips, vandalism and even scratches. Commonly, the paint protection is installed on the hood, front bumpers, even side mirrors on trucks, SUV and even cars. Now for a whole package protection, you can use the Xpel Clear Bra on the whole vehicle so that you can provide maximum and huge protection.

Why Is It Necessary To Use Xpel Clear Bra?

As stated previously, a Xpel Clear Bra is nothing but a plastic wrap which is used or pasted on the often and commonly damaged areas of your car like side mirror, lower fascia, rocker panels, and even on those surfaces which are facing the bottom or front of the vehicle.

Now the major usage of the clear bra like Xpel Clear Bar is to secure the outer region of the car from various factors like debris found on the road which is potentially harmful and can sometimes lead to a small chip or scratch on your paintwork.

However, such treatment is not commonly done on the average cars as it requires you to churn out some extra cash ranging from $850-$3000 which simply depends on the number of panels that you want to get done with your car. The extensive advantage of using Xpel Clear Bar is that it secures your paint for a long time and is rarely visible to the human eye. And most interestingly, while you are driving your Camry Limited or Carrera 4, you can be quite confident to, you don’t need to deal with a various array of rock chips that often gets chipped on the bumper when you are traveling. 


Unlike other vehicular products for securing the hood and side windows is great. But nothing can give the extensive quality and brand name like Xpel Clear Bra. So, go ahead and check out this product.