Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Facts To Consider When Changing Car Paint Protection Film

Makeover of a car with car paint protection film by changing paint is always soothing. It can be done either by yourself or by professionals. There are a few facts which should be considered before changing car paint. i.e.
  • Find Suitable Place
This work needs good ventilation dust free environment, good lighting and electricity. Home garages are not suitable for it as this process requires lots of room. Presence of water heaters can cause ignition of paint fumes during paint.
  • Accumulation Of Material Required
Paint, painting equipments, safety   equipment, sanding and polishing tools, etc.
  • Prepare for Car Paint Protection Film
Rust and dust are removed from the surface. Dents are meant. Any plastic covering is taken off. If it is difficult to remove, there are tools available in the market for removing such covering.
  • Next Step Towards Car Preparation for Painting
Sand the car paint to original primer or to the bare metal so that new paint can adhere to. Apply primer all over metal surface.
  • Thorough Cleaning of Car
Clean the surface of the car thoroughly by mineral spirit or denatured alcohol. Make sure no oil speck is left on the surface.
  • Proper Covering of Car
Expose only that area that is to be painted and cover the rest of the area with cover and masking tape, as window, door handles, window trims, glass, etc.
Masking tape should be hole free otherwise it will allow the paint to get through.
  • Smooth Primered Surface
To smooth paint run, we smother the primer coat carefully enough to not expose the metal surface again.  Now clean the surface again and remove dust and oil drops left during priming.
  • Painting The Car
Spray the finished painting on the car. Avoid making the paint too thin, it will reduce gloss.
  • Let the Paint Dry
Use of catalyst in paint makes the paint dry to touch in less than 24 hours though full care is taken as long as 7 days. The Car is kept in a dust free environment.
  • Finishing Touch
Send final coat of pain until it is perfectly smooth by using 1200 or finer grit wet sandpaper. For higher glossy look, clear coat of pain can be applied. Using 1500 grit wet sandpaper remove small runs, and miner imperfections.
  • At Last
Polish is done to bring out a gloss. This can be done by hand or by buffing machines or by power polishers. Better accomplishment is achieved by hand. Power polisher and buffing machines make the job easier. These machines are used with care otherwise they can ruin the paint. For better results buff the edges by hands.

The new color will provide a complete new look to your car, but changing color is an expensive affair. It may cost $1500 to $5000.Low quality work can be done in just $400. But high quality work long lasts, so before opting new look of your car by changing paint check your budget as well.