Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Car From Sun Damage

Just like exposure to the sun can damage our skin, in the same way, your car can also be damaged by the sun’s heat. Parking your car in the sun can be very damaging and can cause an external temperature rise of around 200 degrees while the heat in the car’s interior can go up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The car’s life can decline badly if you continue to expose it to heat all the time. After all it is our duty and responsibility to safeguard it after spending a good deal of money to own it.

Try These 10 Simple Techniques To Shield Your Car From The Scorching Heat Of The Sun:

  • Fluid Level Checks:
You need to keep an eye on the coolant, transmission fluid and oil of your car, otherwise suboptimal levels coupled with the burning heat of the sun would be sufficient to damage your car.

  • Battery Checks During The Summer:
Excess heat can add pressure on the battery of your car which in turn results in your car not starting. In order to prevent such unpleasant situations, especially when you are in a hurry, it is advisable to have your car battery tested either once or twice during summers.

  • Air Filters Check:
Your car’s air filters are designed to filter out impurities. During summer, due to the heat and wind, the quantity of dust and debris collected in the filters increases and this might clog your car. Therefore, it is better to clean up the air filters.

  • Cover Your Front And Rear Dashes With Reflectorized Sun Panels:
This may seem like a task to you, but believe me, it works exceedingly well in protecting your car from sun damage. It reduces the inside temperature of the car and protects the interiors from the bleaching effect of the sun. Your car gets a longer life this way.
  • Get The Tire Pressure Checks Done Every Month:
In order to avoid accidents due to tire bursts, one of your top priorities must be to get your tires checked as excess heat and air trapped inside the rubber tyre can be a deadly combination. 

  • Park Smartly:
If you have a choice between parking your car in the sun or in the shade, park your car, preferably under the tree or a roof as it is cooler there.

  • Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean:
Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of your car with suitable car cleaners as dust coupled with the sun’s heat can be damaging.

  •  Wash And Dry Your Car Regularly:
Keeping your car clean will again help in protecting it from the sun damage.

  • Always Use OProtective Wax:
Wax your car once or twice a year in order to protect the exterior paint.

Now-a-days, we get car paint protection films in the market. This enhances your car’s value in case you think of selling it in the near future.

These tips to safeguard your car are sure to save a lot of your money.