Sunday, January 17, 2016

How to Choose a Paint Protection Film for Your Car?

After taking the decision to get a car paint protection film for your vehicle, the next major decision is to arrive at the best option for your car. Selecting a good film needs a great deal of consideration, based on the aspects of your budget and preferences. There are a variety of options available in the market which includes:
  • car paint protection film comes with a ten year guarantee
  • Nano-Fusion comes with a lifetime warranty, but at a higher cost
  • 3M comes with a strong support from its company and is the cheapest, but it has disadvantages of silvering issues etc.
  • Suntek offers a self-healing film but has only 5 years guarantee
So, we see that all options have their own pros and cons. So, the best fit is completely dependent on the owner. Someone might take only the price into consideration while for others it might be the quality or durability. Some offer longer warranties, others come with great customer support, while the rest are simpler to work along with their installer, thus making them cheaper. Most of the new films provide awesome protection, appearance and resilience. So as the owner, you need to set your preferences right and then opt for the best film.

Application Options

After choosing the ideal film, the next step is to decide the type of protection and how to install it on your car. Usually film protection includes covering the complete front or partial front. Full protection will cover the complete hood, mirrors, fenders and front bumper. Partial protection includes the mirrors and bumper, but covers only a part of the fenders and hood. Usually it is advised to go for full front end protection, since it offers complete protection and gives the best look.

 Apart from these generic protection options, some installers offer custom plans, such as- rear bumpers or might be even the full car. Once you decide on a custom protection plan, you need to tell the installer whether you want the ends wrapped or cut along the sides of the section.

Installer Options

The last step involves choosing an excellent film installer. He should have the required expertise and experience to properly install the film on your car. He should ensure to cover each section efficiently, while making the least number of cuts and seams. An inexperienced installer might damage your car if he applies the film inadequately. To ensure getting the best installer you can go for a background check to know about his reputation in the market. Not the costliest installer is the best always!

The whole process of arriving at the best car protection film is complicated, but it is important for the owner. After all, your car is your lifetime companion and it is your duty to ensure that it looks elegant and remains protected during its entire stay with you! So, always choose best Car Paint Protection Film for your vehicle.