Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interesting Facts About 3M Protective Films

The time paint protection was discovered was the time of war and it was used to serve military purpose. Army required a material that can protect the helicopters blade in the adverse conditions. This is how 3M clear bra paint protection film came into existence. This material was extremely durable to keep helicopter blades safe from the damage. Soon after it started gaining popularity outside the military sector and now, it is also very popular material, which is used to apply on the car to protect the paint from scratching.

  • This film is made is totally transparent and is made from polyurethane. It is impossible to spot the car having xpel paint protection film once it is properly installed.
  •  It is also a long awaited alternative to vinyl car bras and leather, which is traditional. There are several advantages of these and also holds imperfections, which clear bra, does not have. Other alternatives are difficult to install and are bulky as well. they also affect the look of your vehicle.
  • 3M protective films are tight and there is no chance of moisture taking place in them. 3M paint protection is waterproof and will stay on your car the entire life. toughness of 3M protection offers 5 years warranty. If maintained properly car paint protection film can stay over for very long period.
  •  The next interesting fact is the resilience. According to the tests, it can withstand the debris and other influences at sixty miles per hour.
  •  A test has been performed that involved a CO2 cartridge and shotgun. These were not able to penetrate the film despite the car was running at a very high speed. Knife test has also been conducted and it passed this test too.
  •  3m protective film protection is easy, strong and can be maintained very easily and they can also withstand harsh environmental factors.
  •  This material is also suitable for different types of vehicles and can stick on any of the material. There are proofs that people are using this protection film outside this industry as well.
  •  It can be wrapped onto anything from garden furniture to hi tech gadgets.
    xpel raleigh are also wrapped around the aeroplanes and boats. Mountain bikes also get protection from these wraps and for off road adventure vehicles. These vehicles definitely require serious protection and 3M PPF can stand up to the mark.